Dimitri Tishchenko


User Interface

  • Javascript, JQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JSF
  • Responsive design, web accessibility: WCAG, WAI-ARIA

Programming Languages

  • Java, Groovy, Scala
  • Ruby, Python, Julia


Magnetic Sculpture

Intricate designs formed by combining many small magnetic spheres. Unlike beadwork where beads can be arranged in arbitrary patterns, the magnetic fields of the magnets interact in interesting ways and define a subset of shapes that are possible.


Images are generated using a custom written Mandelbrot fractal explorer. Designed to be used as backgrounds for dual monitor displays.

Morpion Solitaire

Morpion Solitaire is a pen and paper game where you try to get the highest possible score by completing lines of five connected points.

I spent extensive time on this problem and achieved the second highest world record score.

Photo of Dimitri Tishchenko

Dimitri is a Software engineer working for Change.org